We’re accomplishing projects, where we don’t limit ourselves within forms and discipline. We work in various parts of the world. We get inspired by touching many cultures, flavors and human emotions.


Our system of agile work connected with the knowledge of modern and traditional creative methods allows us to create unique work. Which later we’re shifting to the digital world, prints and art world.

Traveling is inspiring and shaping us from years. This is why we decided to move to the world in 2020. We love crowded streets in dynamic cities, meditation in the middle of the jungle and looking out for peace on the shore of the sea. We’ve thrown a lot out of our lives to focus on what’s important. Living in the moment, celebrating moments and valuable relationships, also in business. Pleasures? Only simple. Coffee? Speciality please. Waking up in the dawn and partying in the early morning: feeling and living. Our possibilities let us implement the projects on many levels. We provide printing facilities, deployment of digital projects as well as sewing clothes. We create campaigns with the use of various advertisement channels, thanks to which we can sell the products effectively, both online and offline. Our work portfolio available is on the publisher’s website: Slow Talks. You can find our clothing brand on GRUO website.

Selected clients: Volksvagen, Lech Piwo, Medicine Wear, Durex, Gdynia Design Days, Bulliet, SBM Label, Ibis Hotel, Abstrachuje, Kayax, Muzeum Emigracji w Gdyni, Pracuj.pl, Manto, Krzysztof Krawczyk, Egmont, Calsberg & Seth & Riley’s, F5 Magazine, Element Talks, Łomża Jasne Pełne, Pismo Magazine, Estrada Poznańska, U Know Me Records, Focus Park, Zdrowostki, Coffee Lab, CK Lublin, Ulica Elektryków, Radio Czwórka, Body Chief, Oficyna Peryferie, Szosa Magazine,  Max Flo, Tattoo Art Festival, Galeria Bemowo,  Drukomat.pl,

You already know lots about us, now we’d like to learn something about you!