Crafts Barcelona

The structure of raw paper (made of virgin fibers and recycled paper) – connected with the stencil and the smell of spray paint takes us to the colorful streets of Barcelona. The works were done there – in the studio under the open sky, on the terrace – that the works based on a template and spray were created. One of the works took part in a collective exhibition of Polish artists in the field of street art, graffiti, illustration, painting and tattooing, which took place at the Zacnie Gallery in 2022.

The exhibition includes works by artists:  Bękarty, Mihau Dumin, Eskaer, Fresk Tire, Kuba Kujawa, Grzegorz Myćka, Noriaki, Anna Pol, Proembrion, Tomasz Pieńczak, Marianna Sztyma, Michał ‚SEPE’ Wręga, Someart, Paweł ‚Swanski’, Magda Wolna, Yadou, Zdano.

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