We are an illustration studio – we tell stories with pictures and design by creating functional projects. Our range includes: branding posters and packaging, clothing and key visuals supported by online and offline campaigns, in the field of digital and print.
We can support in the field of brand design, packaging designs, posters, prints on coffee cups and accessories, clothes designs (including production). We also implement wall menu ideas, murals and café decoration systems.
We take you through the process starting from creating the concept, through sketches to the final project and its production. we start all projects with conceptual work and hand sketches – thanks to this, our projects are unique, functional and artistic.
We have extensive experience, see our projects:

New packaging made for the Coffee Lab – coffee roasting based in Warsaw. The illustration on the coffee bag is the basis for the brand’s rebranding – the visible illustration and icons have become a permanent part of the company’s visual life. click on photo and see full project ]

A series of coffee labels with Assholy as  the main character. Illustrations prepared for coffee from Nicaragua. Each label has a different character and taste of the beans. click on photo and see full project ]

llustration dedicated to limited coffee packages.The premiere of the illustration “Cupping” took place in the Warsaw specialty cafe “Relax”. The illustration was available in the form of limited posters, stickers and coffee labels from Brazil. click on photo and see full project ]

Each of the walls of the box shows a different part of the cafe. When you turn the cardboard, you move from one part of the interior to the next part of the cafe. [ click on photo and see full project ]

The coffee of the month project is a series of labels designed for a dedicated coffee flavor. The premieres took place during events such as the Warsaw Coffee Festival or meetings in cafes. click on photo and see full project ]

The label for the Coffee Lab roaster, dedicated to coffee beans that grow up in a Bourbon barrel and Spirit Crusher – a beer co-created by Coffee Lab and Golem Brewery. click on photo and see full project ]

All illustrations are original and unique projects created are in a classic handcraft way. The final digital version is ready to use in the digital and printing/production world. 
Selected clients

Volksvagen, Lech Piwo, Medicine Wear, Durex, Gdynia Design Days, Bulliet, SBM Label, Ibis Hotel, Abstrachuje, Kayax, Muzeum Emigracji w Gdyni, Pracuj.pl, Manto, Krzysztof Krawczyk, Egmont, Calsberg & Seth & Riley’s, F5 Magazine, Element Talks, Łomża Jasne Pełne, Pismo Magazine, Estrada Poznańska, U Know Me Records, Focus Park, Zdrowostki, Coffee Lab, CK Lublin, Ulica Elektryków, Radio Czwórka, Body Chief, Oficyna Peryferie, Szosa Magazine,  Max Flo, Tattoo Art Festival, Galeria Bemowo,  Drukomat.pl,

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