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Coffee of the month

The coffee of the month project is a series of labels designed for a dedicated coffee flavor. The premieres took place during events such as the Warsaw Coffee Festival or meetings in cafes. Additionally, the works were available in the form of limited and collector’s prints, stickers and plastic toys. 

The Christmas label has emerged as a new and first horizontal label in the company’s history. Additionally, the same design appeared on Christmas postcards.


Illustration “Honduras” dedicated to the packaging of coffee from Honduras. The premiere of illustrations and coffee took place during the Coffee Festival in Warsaw. The whole event was commemorated with video material and a photo session. The illustration was available in the form of a limited 50 pcs. prints, everything has been sold out.

Illustration prepared for limited packets of coffee, presented during the “Nacisk” Printing Festival, which took place as part of the European Design Festival in Warsaw. Promotional materials have been prepared for the illustration: large, cardboard stands, stickers, postcards and 50x70cm prints.

Illustration dedicated to coffee from Kenya. The items shown on the package were available as stickers. The work was available in the form of a limited 50 pcs. prints, everything has been sold out.

Illustration showing a scene from the life of a cafe. The illustrated elements were produced in the form of plastic figures. Additionally, the work was used in the company’s advertising materials used during fairs and events.

Brazilian toucan is the main theme of the labels dedicated to espresso beans from Brazil.


In the “Coffee of the Month” project was also attended by other artists, illustrators and tattooists who prepared their works.

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